Real Talk : A Piercing Podcast
Episode 25 - Conference Survival Guide 2.0
Episode 24 – A Different Road to Success: Transitioning to Other Roles in the Industry
Episode 23 - Being a Queercer : Gender Fluidity Part.1
Episode 22 - Being a Business Owner: Problem Solver or Problem Creator?
Episode 21 – What are you Worth? : Wages in the Industry
Episode 20 - Curated Piercings : A Sharp Eye for Trending Fashion
Episode 19 - The Things They Did Not Tell You : Why it's OK to Ask Why
Episode 18 -We Need to Talk: What We Don’t “Like” About Social Media
Episode 17 – Real Talk: Hearing the Things you Don't Want to Hear
Episode 16 – Handcrafted and Humble: An Interview with Alan of Origins Handmade
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